Toyota Hybrid Vehicles

Since the dawn of the Toyota Prius in 1997, Toyota has been a leader in hybrid vehicle technology. Toyota has sold more than 12 million hybrid vehicles worldwide in more than 80 countries. Toyota continues to produce more models of Hybrid vehicles than any other manufacturer. Hybrid technology continues to produce low emission vehicles with better fuel efficiency to help make our world a better place to live in. Over 94 million tons of CO2 emissions have been saved due to Toyota Hyrid Vehicles!

Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive



Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive optimally combines an electric motor and gasoline engine to reduce fuel consumption while at the same time providing impressive driving performance.

It is a full hybrid system, combining several elements:                                                            

  • Regenerative braking
  • Motor Assist
  • Battery recharging engine while driving
  • Air conditioning runs at standstill
  • EV driving

Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive


Toyota Hybrid Vehicle Advantages


  • Great performance - Taxi Fleets have been running Toyota hybrid vehicles for decades logging millions of kilometres with little performance degradation
  • Long Lasting Battery life - Hybrid batteries are designed to last the life of the vehicle and are backed by our 8 year or 160,000 km warranty
  • Extra Care Protection - ECP is available on Hybrid vehicles helping you feel confident in your coverage for years to come
  • Low Emissions- Toyota hybrid vehicles are certified Tier 2 Bin 3 EPA emissions standards and can produce up to 70 percent fewer emissions than conventional diesel and gas engines
  • Longer Range - Due to the combination of a electric motor and a gasoline engine, there is a much longer range than EV only vehicles. You can go on road trips with ease. No range anxiety!

Toyota Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles



Toyota Prius Prime

Toyota Prius Prime operates the same way as a Toyota Hybrid vehicle. But it adds the option to be plugged in for an extended EV driving experience.

The 2019 Toyota Prius Prime can travel up to 40 kms on EV mode only!

And the charge time when using a regular house plug is only 5 hr and 30 minutes!

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